Albany teen Moriah Formica's strong showing on NBC's The Voice came to an end after she failed to make the cut during the playoff round.

Seventeen-year-old Formica, from Latham, sang 'World Without You', and while judge Jennifer Hudson said the teen had star-quality, Miley Cyrus still cut her from Team Miley. Instead, Miley went with Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson and Ashland Craft.

Formica was gracious, letting Cyrus know she learned "not to be scared to mess up."

My time on The Voice has come to an end. I gave everything I had every performance. It was definitely a sad feeling knowing I'll never be a part of something like this again but I feel so blessed. I have known since I was 6 years old that music was what God gifted me with and what I was put on this earth to do. For a moment I was able to share that gift with millions of people. I want to so thank everyone involved in the show. Thank you The Voice for believing in my abilities and giving me the opportunity"(...)"Lastly, thank you so much for all of you fans, family, friends, and community for your unwavering support. You all know who you are. To the fans that were with me before The Voice I love you all and thank you for walking through this journey with me. To the new fans that like me because of the show please stay with me. I have lots of music on iTunes, YouTube and all over and have a lot of new songs ready to go. I want to inspire people with my music and give you all something to hold to in good and bad times. Time to start the next chapter. Love you all!!!

Good luck to Moriah - she's got a lot of talent for someone so young.


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