Usually a good rule of thumb is you don't bring drugs into a jail. Chances are, you will get caught. It's going to happen. Some would think this would be filed under: “Common Sense”. Of course most people lack it, and apparently right here in town.

WIBX is reporting that State Police in Marcy are charging an Albany woman with “Promoting Prison Contraband” and “Unlawful Possession of Marijuana”. Officials say, last week, 47-year-old Elicia entered the Marcy Correctional Facility to visit an inmate. During this visit, she was in possession of 14 grams of marijuana. So she woke up thinking bringing drugs into a jail cell was a good idea.

She was arraigned in the Town of Marcy Court and taken to the Oneida County Jail with bail set at $5,000.

Seriously, can someone be that stupid?