You may roll your eyes sometimes when politicians issue their initiatives for the rest of us peons. However, this is a ruling that most in the state can probably get behind. In fact, some polls say almost 80% of New Yorkers back it. This ruling can certainly make life easier for some, but more importantly, it can potentially save many businesses across the state during these trying times.

The New York Post is reporting that the Drinks-to-Go initiative will return to the Empire State. The popular takeout, or "booze to go" law, quietly expired in 2021 when state lawmakers failed to renew it. Governor Kathy Hochul approached this and many other COVID-related issues during her first state of the state address Wednesday. She also offered to provide a tax credit for COVID-related purchases like outdoor heating and seating.

Takeout alcohol has kept many bars and restaurants in business across the state during some of the toughest times since 2020. The state had been extending the rule for only a month at a time. Restaurant and bar owners have begged leadership to make the ruling permanent. NY Senator Brad Holyman had even introduced legislation back in May 2020 that would have allowed the state's relaxed liquor laws concerning takeout and delivery booze to continue for two more years.

Lisa Hawkins, the spokesperson for the Distilled Spirits Council, praised Wednesday's decision:

This is great news for New York’s hard-hit hospitality industry. Recovery is going to take some time and making cocktails-to-go permanent will provide these businesses with a stable revenue source as they begin to bounce back.

In other news, did you know some of these state alcohol related laws? Can you actually drink if you're under 21 in New York? According to, someone is allowed to drink under the age of 21 if the alcohol was given to them by a parent or guardian. You are also allowed to drink if you're a student and the alcohol was given to you in a curriculum licensed or registered by the state education department, and are required to taste the alcohol for the required curriculum. Aside from that, all other consumptions by those under 21 are still illegal across the state.

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