Amanda Bynes allegedly attacked a fan while at a nightclub in New York City this week, TMZ reports.

On Monday, Oct. 6, the troubled actress reportedly arrived at the Gilded Lily by herself. While she danced alone with her sunglasses on, other club-goers started taking photos of her. The site claims that Bynes yelled at the fans at first, but then "spun violently toward" one and attacked her, allegedly scratching the woman's neck and arms. The woman, who reported the story to TMZ, apparently said that despite the attack she is still a fan of the actress and will not be pressing charges.

Sadly, this altercation is just the latest in what appears to be an ongoing condition for Bynes. She made headline after headline in late 2012 and 2013 for her increasingly bizarre actions, including almost incoherent tweets, multiple driving (and marijuana)-related incidents, several arrests and more. Though it was reported that she was suffering from bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia, both Bynes' lawyer and parents denied that she was ever diagnosed with a mental illness.

Though she seemed to be doing well after completing court-ordered rehab in December 2013, attending fashion school, looking healthier than ever and successfully guided under her parents' temporary conservatorship, the former Nickelodeon star now seems to be falling back into her previous behavior. Her father revealed that since their conservatorship ended, they don't know where their daughter is. In late September, Bynes was arrested for DUI and most recently told InTouch that she is engaged to her 19-year-old boyfriend. She was reportedly kicked out of fashion school for her bizarre behavior -- though the actress denied such claims on Twitter, writing:

In addition to her alleged club attack on Monday, TMZ also claims that the 'She's the Man' star was wandering around NYC department store Bloomingdale's with one shoe on, mumbling incoherently. The site reports that the actresses' family and friends are "extremely concerned" about her well-being and are fearful for her safety.

For her part, she also addressed tabloid reports on Twitter, writing:

We continue to keep Amanda Bynes in our thoughts during this difficult time.

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