This day in age, convenience is everything. And Amazon is trying to make ordering and receiving your holiday gifts even easier than ever before.

Amazon is pretty great to begin with, right? You want an item, pretty much anything you could possibly think of, you just look it up, find it, order it, and "Bam!" it's outside your house in a few days. Some times a little longer if it's back-ordered or you don't pay for the express shipping, but still, it's pretty convenient.

How could it get any better? Well, Amazon has announced their new feature, "Amazon Key." According to Recode, this will allow delivery persons to drop off the ordered packages inside a home, instead of leaving it on a porch. This would be a handy feature for those who have had a package stolen from outside their door.

So how does this new feature work? According to Recode,

To make Amazon Key possible, Amazon has introduced its own $120 internet-connected security camera called Amazon Cloud Cam. Customers who want to participate in the program need to purchase an accompanying “smart” lock to allow delivery people to enter their home. Combined camera-lock packages start at $250.

Oh, and you have to already have (or sign up for an) Amazon Prime Membership.

But, you won't have to give the driver keys into your house, and the process is recorded, so that's definitely a plus to those who are a little uneasy about letting strangers into their home.

Recode mentions that this feature will become available in select cities across the country on Wednesday, November 8th. We took a look to see if Utica, Rome, Syracuse, or any other place in Central New York will be able to take advantage of "Amazon Key," and unfortunately, we're not on the list. That is, yet. If this feature works well in other markets, it would be no surprise for Amazon to expand it to include areas like ours.

As of right now, no place in New York is on the list of cities that will be able to try out this feature, not even New York City. Many major cities across the United States are on the list, though.

What do you think about this new feature? It would be pretty handy if you were to order a bunch of holiday gifts and wanted to make sure they weren't taken off your porch or front step. Or do you think it's just too weird to have a strange inside your home? Maybe the cost is too much to have "Amazon Key" set up? We want to know what you think. You can vote in the poll below:

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