Have you watched the popular show 'America's Best Restaurants' while craving amazing food? The show will be featuring a well-known Central New York location.

'America's Best Restaurants' will be taking a trip to Baldwinsville to visit the Angry Garlic. According to CNY Central, the episode will be filming September 1st from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. While there, the film crew will highlight popular dishes and interview owner Jeff Rogers.

Popular menu items that may be featured on the episode include the garlic bites, which are fried rice balls served with garlic aioli, and the long-stemmed artichokes, sauteed with garlic, lemon and parsley and served on crostini, America's Best Restaurants said."

The restaurant, located on Oswego Street in the Village of Baldwinsville, opened in 2018.

We hear it all the time, “I am so excited to check out your place, but why garlic?” Our reply, “Everyone Loves Garlic”. Ok so maybe everyone doesn't love garlic, but we have a flexible menu that can appeal to every guest that walks through the door. We take great pride in supporting local whenever possible, and Baldwinsville is full of local farms for fresh produce and beef. We even found local garlic farms!"

Dawn Marie on Facebook says "Hands down the best place to eat! It never disappoints. Fresh food, great flavor, cooked to perfection & amazing service every time!"

Gary Johnson on Facebook says "Hands down one of the best dining experiences in the state. The food, service, atmosphere and staff are absolutely exceptional, and I promise that as amazing as their pictures and reviews are, they STILL don't do them justice."

You can learn more about the Angry Garlic online here.

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