What do you think America's least favorite grocery store is? New York State is home to over 111 of them.

Coupons in the News recently shared the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s annual ranking of grocery stores in the United States. Let's be honest, having a pleasant shopping experience while saving money has been difficult to do in recent years. So this ranking considered anything below a 79 “below average.” So who came out at the bottom? Coming in at number 20 with a score of 74, was Walmart:

Walmart finds itself at the bottom of the ACSI list, for an astonishing nineteenth year in a row. But it’s not all bad news – Walmart has shown some improvement, as its rating is up four points from last year, for its strongest showing since 2020. But Walmart was dead last back then, too. With every other retailer rising in the rankings, even an improved Walmart apparently isn’t good enough.

So why does Walmart rank so poorly for New York and America?

“Issues stemming from the pandemic, including supply disruptions and uneven service quality, are dissipating,” ACSI Director of Research Emeritus Forrest Morgeson said in a statement. “Moderating inflation is helping to improve the value proposition,” and the higher ratings show that “consumers looking to stretch their dollars responded positively to discounters and retailers that excelled in sales and promotions or pumped more value into the experience through private label offerings.”

Currently across New York, Walmart has 82 Supercenters, 16 Discount Stores, 1 Neighborhood Markets, 12 Sam's Clubs making a grand total of 111 total locations.

On the flip side of the list, with a score of 85, Costco came up on top. Currently there are 19 locations across New York State.

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