You know you're in Upstate New York when. An Amish horse and buggy doing donuts in the snow are going viral, again.

Mike Brucker shared a video of a horse running in circles, pulling an Amish buggy in the North Country on January 12. It's had more than 182K views and over 8K shares in less than two weeks.

2020 Video

But this it's actually not new. Hunter Kampnich posted the video in January 2020. It happened at 7 bridges in Northern New York. Almost 3 million people have watched his original video of the horse 'ripping donuts.' "I can’t believe how viral it went," said Kampnich.

Amish Skiing

The Amish like to have fun in the winter months. A few years ago Katy Jay of Lowville came across an Amish skier on Route 26 as she was heading to Rome. Her video quickly went viral. Since Jay posted the video on her Facebook page in 2017, it been viewed over 1 million times.

Winter Fun in New York

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the snow and cold weather in New York state whether you're Amish or not. From skiing and snow tubing to skating and bobsledding. There are also things you just won't understand until you've survived a winter in the Empire State.

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