I'm no stranger to a horse or a buggy but this sign on North Genesee Street has me perplexed.   I grew up on a farm in Schoharie County and my dad is well known for giving my friends buggy rides. Now granted, he also owned a truck but he did live a relatively simple life. As a matter of fact their was a time when we had no working bathroom. Yup, we used an outhouse! In hindsight I can't believe I survived those upstate New York winter morning treks to use the john. I learned potty training on a brand new level! I learned that if it was too cold outside you waited until you got to school.

We lived in a community with many Amish people living within walking distance from our farm. Here's something kind of funny haha, we set up a payphone outside our barn in case the Amish folks needed to place a call. We also used to run them to the convenient store where they would purchase 6 gallons of ice cream to devour as their dinner, not their dinner dessert! They taught us lots of life lessons including the value of hard work and how to have fun without technology! I miss my neighbors although I often had a hard time understanding them because they spoke German.

I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally notice the horse and buggy sign on North Genesee Street. I have yet to see a horse and I've yet to see a buggy. Are their Amish folks secretly dining at Delmonicos?  Would you please educate me?



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