This week on Amy Poehler's web series 'Ask Amy,' a young woman emailed about "pointless" videos on the internet and Amy gave a thought-provoking and poignant answer about the way we take in images around us.

Instead of directly addressing the important topic of watching teenagers toss gallons of milk around for hours, Amy addressed the recent tragedy in Boston and how the constant news coverage dulls the senses:

I’ve been looking at photographs that have been really hard to take. And I’ve been thinking about what these images do to our brain and to our heart ... I wonder if we could soften our hearts and minds and our eyes? If we could give our eyes a break and see things in a different way? To see things by reading about them or talking about them or listening? Be okay with letting some things rest in peace ... I love you, Boston.

Let there be no doubt as to why we love Amy. She takes something like cat videos and uses them to encapsulate a very real issue.

Hopefully this advice about giving our eyes a rest makes its way to Farrah Abraham before she sells her sex tape. (Or before the Tanning Mom is convinced to sell one of her own.)

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