Wouldn't it be great if we had easy access to the ocean?  I love big waves, the salty air, and the refreshing sea breeze. Could it be happening soon?!

I could spend hours playing in the water and soaking up the sun on a sandy beach. Central New York is home to many beautiful beaches, but they're all situated on lakes or rivers. As far as I know, there aren't many bodies of water with big waves in our area either. If that's the case, why is there a surf shop in Dansville?

Yesterday, I stopped at Nicky Doodles in Verona for an ice cream cone. When I pulled in the parking lot I couldn't help but notice a vehicle with a surf board on top of it.

The car looked like a "Woodie" from the 1930's or 40's. The car had New York plates and wood siding that read: "Old Woody's Surf and Tackle Shop."  I sought out to find the owner so I waited a while for him to make his way back to the parking lot. When he approached, I introduced myself and started asking questions. The owner, a gentleman named Rich, told me that he owned a surf shop in Dansville. I thought to myself, "why? the...nearest ocean is miles away."

Rich went on to explain that oceanographers and marine biologists have been covertly researching a way to bring an ocean like body of water to Central New York. He went on to tell me that he wanted to be the first surf shop in the area once this miracle took place. I’m the most gullible person on the planet so I believed him. Like an excited kid in a candy store, I kept firing off questions for Rich.  After my fifth question, he acquiesced and told me that he was just kidding. My heart sunk. Really? He told me that "Woody's Surf and Tackle Shop" was a fictitious business; and his story about a simulated ocean coming to the area was nothing short of a bleated April Fools prank. I was disappointed and a little irritated to say the least. Shortly after he told me all this, he accidentally dropped his ice cream cone on the ground. I laughed.

Just Jen and I chatted about the surf shop this morning!