Do you remember what the 1980's were like in Central New York? WKTV does. Get ready to take a trip down nostalgia lane with these classic commercials from 1985.

Do you have a favorite Central New York memory from the1980's? Personally, I enjoyed taking trips to Charlestown Mall with my grandparents. It was such a cool place to shop! I still remember the way it smelled too. I think the scent emanated from the food court Burger King and the oak hardwood floors.

One of my other favorite memories was watching Utica Blue Sox baseball at Murnane Field. I also liked to watch games on TV with my grandpa. He was a Mets fan and I'm a Yankees fan but that didn't matter. As long as there was a game on television, we were happy guys! My grandfather used to get so ticked off at the commentators because he thought they talked too much. Thankfully he didn't disown me after I started talking for a living! My grandpa didn't like listening to baseball banter by paid professionals, but he did enjoy watching the commercials. Here's some of the ones we watched together back in 1985!

I went to 80's night at the Stanley Theater last weekend and Just Jen and I chatted about that today. Listen by clicking the purple button just below the Just Jen header.

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