I don't want to end up hitting you or your dog with my car, but you're making it really hard.

Every morning, I head to the gym and then drive home around 6:15am, while it's still dark. The road I'm driving down has no sidewalks or street lights. Because I love animals, and because there are usually a lot of deer on Paris Road, I'm super careful.

Dear Guy Walking his Dog in the Dark,

The first time I saw you, I actually saw your dog first. He (or she) is a husky, and the white stood out in the dark, illuminated by my headlights. I thought he was alone, maybe lost, and I started doing quick calculations on how I could get the big guy in my car, keep him safe, and find his owners. As I got even closer, going even more slowly, I realized he wasn't alone, he was being walked, on a leash, by you.

Here's the thing: I can't see you. I've seen you several times since, and every time, you're dressed in dark clothing, and the leash in your hand is so dark it looks like your dog is alone.

I'm driving along Paris, getting ready to turn into a side road to home, so I'm going pretty slow.  You probably know as well as I do that sometimes cars drive way too fast along that road. Too fast to notice a shadow moving along the side of the road with a fluffy husky.

I hope I get to see you walk your dog every morning, but I really want you to be safe doing it. Please grab a small flashlight, and spend less that $20 to get yourself a reflective vest. You're so worth it. And a dog needs his dad.


(If you know this guy and this dog, who must live somewhere near the upper part of Paris Road in New Hartford - let me know - I will BUY him a reflective vest.)

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