To those in the Utica/Rome area and everyone else who thinks that pie is not an acceptable thing to bring to a cookout, this letter is for you.

It's time to talk about pies. Yes, the dessert of many faces. You have apple, you have berry, you have pumpkin, key lime, banana cream.

Why is pie the topic of discussion? Several weeks ago, I went to a cookout and was asked to bring dessert. As a typical Utica dessert, I had thought about bringing half moons. Then, I thought to myself: "Self, as delicious as half moons are - they're always present. Let's do something else instead." Alas, I remembered apple pie and vanilla ice cream make a delectable combination, so I purchased it at my area grocery story and went to the party. By the time we left, the pie was gone.

I was discussing my dessert choice with my lovely co-host, who proceeded to scold me for every reason why pie is unacceptable to bring to a cookout as a dessert. His logic didn't make any sense to me.

  • "No one wants to bake a pie when it's 95 degrees outside." Who says I'm baking it? I bought it from the grocery store.
  • "It's too filling and weighs you down." Oh like every other dessert doesn't?
  • "Chilled pies are imposters, they should be called something different." What???

Let's get real about pie for a minute:

Apple pie is probably the most American dessert option.

I feel like everyone I know has an apple pie at their 4th of July picnics/cookouts and all that jazz. Why is it considered that? I don't know - but I know that it falls under that category for a reason. You can't get more 'merica than apple pie! Haven't you heard the phrase “As American as apple pie?” It rings true.

Pies are probably one of the most versatile desserts that exist.

There's literally so many different kinds of pies. The filling, the crust. Warm pie. Chilled pie. Sweet. Savory. So many options, so many flavors. The possibilities are endless.

A la mode.

It's exactly the idea I had in mind. Pies pair great with ice cream, which makes it a great way to cool down and eat something with that amazing combination.

Pie is a year round dessert.

Sincerely, Kaylin - the girl who will continue to bring pie when asked to bring a dessert. Maybe next time I'll make it peach.

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I don't know about you but after this letter, now I'm craving pie. Do you think it's acceptable to bring pie to a cookout? Let me know inside our station app!

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