Tully's has a special place in my heart. I've been there with friends to celebrate accomplishments. I've been there while relatives have been in the hospital. I've been there to watch football games on Sundays, and every year at the State Fair - I visit their booth at least once.

If you haven't been to Tully's, you're missing out. The Syracuse based restaurant chain deems their chicken tenders the "best on earth" and if I'm being honest I have to agree. They aren't your typical chicken tender - but they're flaky, and taste like heaven. I know many others agree with me, as the chain has sold more than 198,181,748 tenders as of September 2017.

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August of last year was the year that threw many for a loop - as rumors spiraled around the Mohawk Valley that they would be opening a location at the former location of Zebb's on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. I even went so far to find out about this rumor further, and speak to management at the fair. They confirmed to me that they were checking out the location and were trying to figure out if it was worth it for them to open there.

Like many of you, this confirmation that they were looking into their options in the Utica area had me on cloud nine. In my mind, I'd be dining there at least twice a week, chowing down on their tenders and their spinach artichoke dip.

It's almost been a full year later and it was announced that the chain just opened a food truck. And now, here is my plea.

To the owners of Tully's Good Times:

PLEASE consider bringing your food truck to the Mohawk Valley. Speaking on behalf of our listeners, I can guarantee you would sell out within a couple of hours - and that it's worth it. Let us prove to you that as a community, we deserve a location that we can frequently dine at without needing to drive 40 minutes.

We love your tenders, we love you - just let us show how much that exactly is.

Please share this plea on social media and tag Tully's so our dream can be heard. 

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