Although breakfast may not be your favorite meal of the day, you know the importance of amazing restaurants to check out. Here's 13 places in Upstate New York you need to add to your routine.

Brief History Of Breakfast

According to, the concept of eating breakfast began in the Neolithic (late Stone Age) era, when large stones were used to grind grains to make a sort of porridge. Porridge was also a staple of Roman Soldiers’ diets.

Breakfast as we know it began in the early 19th century, when some middle-class men started to work regular hours in offices – prior to that people would often work for a few hours, then eat a meal at about 10am. Wives or kitchen staff would often serve these 19th century commuters a two-course meal that would often begin with a bowl of porridge. This would be followed by a full English breakfast: toast and eggs with bacon or fish. This style of meal wasn’t referred to as the ‘full English’ until the First World War when lighter breakfasts grew in popularity.

Who knew?

Where Do You Enjoy Breakfast Locally?

Omelettes, french toast, pancakes, bacon and sausage - there's nothing quite like a good breakfast to start your day. We have so many different restaurants here in the Mohawk Valley that serve all different kinds of meals, sometimes it's an overwhelming task to decide where to go when you want to go to breakfast.

From Utica to Rome, Barneveld to West Winfield, Holland Patent to Clinton, we asked all over social media for some of the best places. Looking for a wonderful place to go to breakfast? These are all great options.

You wanna know what's great about all of these places? They are locally owned and operated, so you're supporting real families and people here in our communities live their day to day lives.


If you have any others we should add to our list, let us know on our station app. Here's the full list of the top 13 recommendations:

13 of the Best Breakfast Spots in the Mohawk Valley You Need to Visit at Least Once

Thanks to everyone in the 315 Menus Facebook page, for suggesting these top locations for getting breakfast in the Mohawk Valley. Have you tried any of them? What should we order? Let us know inside our station app.


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We asked this simple question on social media and got a lot of responses. These are just the top ones, obviously we could always add to this list. You can chat with us on our station app to add to the list as well.

17 Restaurants Around Utica and Rome New York With Delicious Gift Card Specials For Christmas

We turned to social media to try and find some of the best deals with our local restaurants. By shopping local, you're not only helping local restaurants thrive, you're also helping out the local economy. Gift cards make amazing gifts. Why not feed someone with amazing local food this time of the year?

If you have any others to add, text us on our free station app. You can download for free where you download apps for your smart phones. Here's our list of local restaurants with gift card deals for Christmas:

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