Andy Rooney, the man for whom the word curmudgeon must have been coined, has announced that he will retire from his weekly '60 Minutes' commentary. Rooney's been closing out the CBS news magazine since 1978. We take a look back at some of his more humorous, insightful, and, yes, most-curmudgeonly-written video essays.

  • Andy Rooney Likes His Job

    Andy Rooney was born in Albany and he shows a strong Upstate New York work ethic in this piece describing his past jobs. He also takes a look at the discrepancy in minimum wages from across the country.

  • Andy Rooney Loses Touch With New Music

    Andy shows each of his 92 years in this piece as he contemplates contemporary music. Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and Usher are compete mysteries to him.

  • Andy Traces the Life of a Used Car

    Did you ever wonder what happens to the car you trade into the dealer when you get a new one? Andy traces the path of his used Lexus from his trade-in dealer in Connecticut to its eventual new owner in South Jersey.

  • Andy Rooney's Mail Bag

    Never mind me asking you the last time you wrote a letter. If you were thinking of corresponding with someone, would you choose Andy Rooney? Andy laments the societal change toward email communication.

  • Andy Rooney on Impending Doom

    Fitting, we'll end this Rooney retrospective with Andy's thoughts on the end of the world. In the end, Andy decides, he and the rest of us are all part of the problem.