If you love taking the road trip out toward Binghamton to Animal Adventure Park, you're going to be seeing a new monkey.

This isn't you're average monkey either if there is such thing as an average monkey. This is a Patas Monkey which happens to be one of the fastest of the entire monkey kingdom hailing originally from Africa. Think about this for a second, these little guys, or gals, can run a little faster than 30 miles per hour. While the newborn little one may not be quite that fast just yet, they sure will grow into being a speed demon.

Newborn Patas Monkey And Its Mother

Looking to plan a road trip to Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville? Maybe you could go on Friday, October 22nd or Saturday, October 23rd in the evening. If you do, bring the kids. Your little ones will have a blast at the Flashlight Safari Trick or Treat starting up at 5:30 pm. Walk around with a flashlight in hand and check out the animals, but also grab a few tasty treats as well.

If the nighttime aspect just is not your thing, not to fear. Animal Adventure Park has something else trick or treating. It actually is pretty much the same thing, just during the day. If that seems like it tickles your fancy a little bit more, the event kicks off at 10 am and goes until 1 pm.

Keep up to date with all the events Animal Adventure Park does on their Facebook page.

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