Anne Hathaway officially gave birth to a baby boy last month, according to a report from PEOPLE.

She and husband Adam Shulman welcomed home son Jonathan Rosebanks Schulman on March 24. This is the couple’s first child together.

Rumors of Hathaway’s pregnancy first began circulating online in September 2015, when the The Devil Wears Prada actress was spotted at the London premiere of The Intern sporting a fuller figure. But it wasn’t until November 2015 that she confirmed the news of her pregnancy.

Hathaway posted a photo of her baby bump to Instagram earlier this year, after she became aware of photographers taking her picture without permission. The caption read, “So, posting a bikini pic is a little out of character or me, but just now while I was at the beach I noticed I was b being photographed. I figure if this kind of photo is going to be out in the world it should be an image that makes me happy (and one that was taken with my consent. And with a filter :)"

Hathaway and Schulman got engaged back in November 2011 after dating for three years. The two then married in September 2012. Three months later, Hathaway told the UK-based paper The Telegraph that she wants a big family.

"I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was 16. I’m 30 and I want to have a family of a certain size," she said. "Look, I’ll start with one healthy kid but I’d like to have a few naturally and adopt. I gotta get on it, you know? I’d like to have as many as I can afford, not just financially but in terms of time, because you want to make sure each one feels special. I’ve had one goal in mind for the past 12 years, which is: get a movie, get a movie, get a movie. Now I might have to say: get a baby, get a baby, get a baby."

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