Recently we reported on a couple identified as Earl Myatt and Mary Myatt, both 59 of Verona, who stood on train tracks in front of a speeding freight train and committed a double suicide. Police found a suicide note inside the Myatt's vehicle parked near the scene confirming this. Well, another upstate New York couple has done something similar.

Sadly, a couple from Suffern, New York, leaped hand-in-hand to their deaths from the George Washington Bridge. The reason why is truly unfortunate.

The Inquisitr reports:

Gary Crockett, 41, and 40-year-old Nicki Circelli were pulled from the waters of the Hudson River at approximately 11:40 am on Monday, about a half-an-hour after they apparently jumped from the upper level of the bridge. A witness said they held hands as they took the 212-foot drop to the rushing waters of the Hudson.

They had a horrifying secret. They allegetly murdered Circelli’s uncle by smothered him and then reportedly stole money from his bank account. Police said they also took an AR-15 assault rifle. Thank God THAT didn't figure into this truly tragic situation.

This double suicide was the second in two days by a couple in our State of New York.

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