When Face ID was released by Apple, it seemed like cutting edge technology with little flaw. However, no one planned for millions of users to be wearing face masks.

Business Insider reports Apple's next iPhone update will make it easier to quickly unlock your phone when Face ID may not work. iOS 13.5 will have the ability where you'll be able to swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to access the passcode field.

If you have Face ID turned on, your iPhone will first try to identify your face before presenting the option to type in your passcode, resulting in a slight delay.

This new feature will also work when authenticating purchases via Face ID or while using apps that support Apple's facial recognition system for verification. "

Currently, there is no release date announced.

The software update will bring another important change:

Apple's update also introduces the first version of the tools that public health authorities will need to provide COVID-19 exposure notifications as part of Apple and Google's contact tracing system."

Make sure to check your phone for updates in the near future.

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