Don't you hate it when restaurants take you favorite dishes off their menu?  I was bummed when I tried to order the butter pecan blondie dessert recently  and discovered Applebee's no longer served it.  Applebees, you need to bring it back.

Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images


Just in case you never tried it, it was a blondie brownie baked with nuts, then topped with glazed pecans and vanilla ice cream and served hot on a griddle.  Yum.  Plus, it came with a cream cheese sauce on the side which you drizzle on the blondie.  When I found out they no longer offered it at Applebee's, I told my waiter that it was my favorite dessert there and he said he's heard that from tons of customers who are disappointed it's not on their menu any more.  See, I'm not the only one who loved this dessert.  Applebee's, please bring it back.

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