Largest Crème Brûlée
Some of our radio station corporate grand poobahs were in town recently and we went out for dinner. One of the options on the dessert menu was crème brûlée - one of my favorites.
Top Fat Burning Foods This Holiday Season
We're heading into a marathon of eating and boozing with this holiday season. You can either surrender now, knowing that you're going to be packing on the pounds, or you can take a stand and minimize the damage that you're sure to do to your body.
Cranberry Cobbler – Holiday Dessert Idea
When we were at the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip on Sunday, I noticed that fresh cranberries had arrived in the produce section.  I grabbed a bag with little idea of what I would do with them.
I jumped online after we got home and found a recipe that sounded good for cranberry appl…