Well, we predicted it would be unveiled yesterday... Check. We predicted the pre-order date would be yesterday... It's tomorrow instead, close enough. We predicted our prize would launch in-store and ship next Friday... Right on!

Our questions and our prayers have been answered, but with every answer comes more questions, we've got those answers too: So what's so different about the iPhone 5? Here's a list of the confirmed goodies:

  • The screen is a half inch larger (longer, not wider) than the 4 and 4S and can accommodate an extra row of apps
  • Nearly 20% thinner and lighter than the 4s and a smidge taller
  • New expected ios6 operating system
  • MUCH faster 4G LTE wireless service (Finally!) including Facetime even without Wifi!
  • Upgraded speakers and microphones (these were already excellent, can't wait to hear the improvement)
  • Headphone jack is on the bottom of the phone instead of the top and the headphones themselves have been redesigned to fit your ears better
  • Crystal clear 1080p HD video recording capability
  • The 8-megapixel camera introduced in the 4S now has an 'eyesight' panoramic feature built in (really cool!) The front facing camera is also vastly improved to HD.
  • Improved wide-band audio makes voices sound much more natural instead of the typical synth voice we've heard for decades
  • A new dual-core A6 chip (twice as fast as the 4 and 4S) which includes an Apple Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation, bye-bye Google and 8 hours of battery life (I'll believe this when I see it!)
  • A new much smaller charging connector and dock and it's reversible so no more fumbling for the right fit in the dark!
  • Passbook, which is essentially a digital wallet which allows you to put passes, tickets and coupons on one app, with push notifications
  • Siri updates: sports scores, movie recommendations, direct posting to Facebook, coordination with Open Table, less delay (AI is taking over, careful with accidental drunk posting, she'll do it!)
  • Comes in the expected white and black but now has a combination glass/aluminum brushed satin finish back for both options (I scratched the bejesus out of the backs of my iPhones, so this'll be nice).
  • New iTunes and Appstore

Alright, whether that whets your whistle like most of us iPhone 4 and 4S users or maybe it's all Greek to you because you've never owned an iPhone before, what's the biggest question of all: How much does it cost and what's the fastest way to get it?

Apple stores will open their doors at 8 a.m. on September 21st, but no word about the three big carriers yet (although last year when the 4S came out I got there butt early to stand in line, but pretty sure the Verizon store on commercial drive opened at 8 too). Demand is expected to be wicked high so pre-ordering it tomorrow would be wise and that actually means midnight TONIGHT online, so count your pennies and fire up that laptop get yours right away and they'll ship it out to you on or before the date that the stores'll be passing them out.

Speaking of pennies, here's the low-down on cost... If you're a current customer of the big carriers (Verizon/AT&T/Sprint), your contract has to be up or close to it to nab the phone without having to break the bank. $199 will get you the 16GB version, $299 unlocks the 'median' 32GB phone and if you simply must have the biggest and best then you'll have to drop 4 bills for the flagship handset. If you're still under contract for awhile, you may have to take out a loan cause all of those prices I just quoted you are bumped up by an additional $450 smackers!! Um, no thanks.

If the iPhone 5 is still too expensive at $199 though, keep in mind that the 4S models are each $100 cheaper and the 'old' iPhone 4 is now a free option when signing a new contract. Don't worry, even if you plan on sticking with your older iphone, ios6 will still work with your phone once it's released on September 19th... But for the rest of you, bring your boxing gloves and we'll duke it out next Friday store-front! Good luck!

Here's a little tech-head opinion piece on the new phone... We'll keep you posted!