April the Giraffe might be expecting another baby giraffe - which means people from all over the world will have their eyes glued to their computer screens again.

In a video posted to their Facebook page, Jordan Patch, the owner of the Animal Adventure Park said they had "some excited news to share" and explained that the park was sending out samples of April's poop to a lab to be tested to determine if she is pregnant (yup, that's how they tell).

Giraffe gestation can last from 13-15 months. (Suddenly, I'm glad I'm not a giraffe.)

While owners of the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY haven't yet confirmed the pregnancy, the owner of the park, Jordan Patch tells WBNG.com that they've seen quite a few behavioral changes that could indicate that April is expecting another calf.

April gave birth to a male calf, named Taijiri, in April 2017. Taijiri's birth was widely anticipated by over a million of people viewing a live stream from April's paddock. April the Giraffe became world-famous. Taijiri is now 10-feet tall.

Park officials didn't speculate as to when April might be due - if it turns out she is actually pregnant. Until then, you'll have to keep an eye on the Park's Facebook page and - of course - the giraffe cam for any updates. 


You can also keep an eye on the Upstate NY Kitten Cam in the meantime.


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