When I was younger I wore a mustache in an attempt to look older. Now that I'm older, no facial hair at all is my policy. Miami Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Bared says that facial hair surgery is a new trend that's gaining popularity. He offers his patients a 1 day post-operative treatment that nets fantastic results using a FUE beard hair transplant procedure.

This is not an advertisement for facial hair transplants as they are becoming a hot new trend among men. Dr. Larry Shapiro tells the Sun Sentinel:

"It's more of a pop culture thing. People want a signature look. They want to stand out. Everybody's hairier these days.''

Dr. Shapiro's clients request mustaches like ones worn by the characters on "Game of Thrones." They are also asking for beards like you see on the "Duck Dynasty" men.

If you're in the market for this, facial hair transplants cost between $3,000 and $10,000. Sideburns will cost around 4 grand.

My question is, what happens if you accidentally shave?

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