Being one myself, I can say, yeah, pretty much. We suck.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Feast your eyes upon this. That is a real robbery that happened in Rochester just a few days ago. A pretty clean operation. No one was hurt as both the robber and robber kept their cool, and most people were none the wiser as, basically, no one noticed.

Now to be clear, this specifically I don't have much of a problem with, as I feel like it's the lesser of a far greater evil. But it did get me thinking. The lengths people will go to for some juicy content or internet clout.

This post, in particular, handled it right for the most part. They just showed people a real-life robbery in a town near you. But when clicked it, I half expected to see a post littered with shocked face emojis and crazy captions all over like "YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! OMG DIS SO CRAZY" You know the type. This robbery, in particular, wouldn't be so much of a problem as no one was hurt, but what if someone was? It wouldn't surprise me if this video still appeared online in this light. 

Remember Gabby Petito and when her van was found by a Youtuber? They started out with actually finding the van, but then their video devolved into their normal Youtube content with plugs, ads, and everything. So essentially, they used this to promote their actual video. And, then you find the same thing with the infamous 3 AM Youtubers, who use the recent deaths of celebrities to boost their content by "summoning the spirit" of any recently deceased celebrity or "talking them with an ouija board" and gaining ad revenue from it. Not to mention their fake gift card giveaways and reminding you to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE!"

So naturally, seeing this kind of thing so close to home, makes me nervous that this kind of crap is gonna become a norm anytime there's a crime in Upstate New York. "WHOA LOOK AT THIS CRAZY STABBING IN NEW HARTFORD YOULL NEVER BELEIVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!" I'm not looking forward to that kind of sensationalization coming here.

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