Looking for ways to save money on toys for your kids?  Want them to have fun toys to play with but would rather not have all the clutter of the toys year round?  Try the new trend of renting toys.

The company  called Toygaroo  lets parents choose from toy rental plans that range between $24.99 to $52.99 a month.  The kids get between four and eight toys a month or every other  month and then their parents send them back.  Toygaroo claims not only does renting toys  cut down on clutter and save parents money but also gives kids new toys to play with which stimulates their brains.  If you're wondering about cleanliness, Toygaroo says they employ a three part cleaning process to eliminate the "yuck factor."  They steam clean the toys at 212 degrees, then they're washed with an organic cleaning product used in hospitals before being checked by a sanitation inspector and then shrink wrapped.   Do you like this idea or are you stuck on the yuck factor?  Would your kids be upset if their toys were sent back after a month?