Is more Ariana Grande music already on the way?

Only a few short weeks after debuting "No Tears Left to Cry," her first single in over a year, the singer appears to be teasing a new song on Twitte. "The Last Judgment," she wrote on Monday (May 7) alongside a photo of Michelangelo's famous 16th century fresco.

Hours before, she also tweeted "the light is coming" in upside down text, much in the way she first teased "No Tears Left to Cry."

Fans are convinced it's a reference to "God Is a Woman," a confirmed track from her upcoming fourth studio album, Sweetener, though it could also allude to Monday night's Met Gala, which has a religious theme.

Grande also seemed to share lyrics late last month, tweeting lines like, ""Last night ..... boy i met you ... yea ..... when i was sleeeeeeep ... you're such a dream to me," and "It was on a day like this ... yeah ... if you can belieeeeve ... if you can believe ... you're such a dream to me," though it's unclear if they're from the same song.

Either way, the slow march toward AG4 is certainly ramping up. Sweetener is expected later this summer.

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