Could you live in a round house? There's at least one in Central New York. It's located on Route 20, between Sangerfield and Madison. And, the folks who own it may know something we don't.

Round homes have a LOT of benefits. In a lot of different areas. According to an article in, more people should consider building and/or living in one. There are a LOT of reasons why our ancestors used round homes, and many of the advantages would still apply...

1. Durability

The design stands up to Mother Nature. points out that "wind and tsunamis move naturally around a round building rather than getting caught at (and potentially ripping off) corners. A rounded roof avoids ‘air-planing’- a situation where a strong wind lifts the roof structure up and off of the building." The many inter-connected points provide extra strength against earthquakes and, wait for it...heavy snowfall.

2. Thermal Dynamics

Fancy phrase, but simple reasoning here: air circulates more efficiently in a round space.

3. Economical

Hey, these round designs utilize fewer building materials--estimates range from between 15-20% less than a rectangular layout.

4. Acoustics

The sound is fantastic, whether it's your favorite music or just the comforting snap, crackle and hiss of a warm fire. "The curve soft­ens the sounds inside the build­ing mak­ing it the per­fect place for rest and reflec­tion or for social­iz­ing," says "The shape also pre­vents noise from pen­e­trat­ing in from the out­side. Sound waves dis­si­pate as they wrap around the build­ing, shield­ing the interior from loud out­side noise."

Could YOU live in a round house? Do you know anyone who does?

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