Can you remember having a huge crush on that person you admired from afar and then finally, you're watching a movie together in the dark or driving somewhere together and the next thing you know your hands touch? Remember that electricity and the rush that you felt? And if you're anything like me, you remember that like it was yesterday even while other memories may have faded.


Or how about when you're walking somewhere with your child (yes, maybe they resulted from that movie night or car ride!) and they grab your hand on their own and just hang on, or if you have more than one rugrat (like me) and they fight over who gets to hold your hand! No matter how many kids you have, that's gotta be one of the greatest feelings ever as a parent.

And interestingly enough that same hand holding action that creates excitement can also calm someone who is stressed or in despair. Just like a hug does, holding someones hand has a calming effect, almost magically. Not to mention it keeps us Central New Yorkers warm during those brutal cold weather months!


So, whether you want to telegraph romantic feelings to someone today or just want to let them know that you're there and everything will be alright, know that a single simple action such as holding their hand can do a world of difference in their life which they will likely not forget, ever. Happy hand-holding day and keep it up the other 364 days too, will ya?

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