Back in the day, we had Cliff’s Notes. These days, there’s the internet and magical sites like Yahoo! Answers where students can get easy answers for writing book reports. Well, that is until the author sees your post and calls you out for it.

Yes, having required reading during the summer can suck. But, really, a 226 page book shouldn’t take away too much of your summer fun time. And, yes, having the Web-sphere help you with figuring out themes and symbolism in books can add a richness to your understanding of the story, but you shouldn’t really post a question on Yahoo asking for someone to just write up a summary for you.

Student posts lazy book question.

The biggest reason for not doing this is that the author might see it and berate you for not reading his work. Which is exactly what happened to Yahoo! Answers user Idiot America. The lazy student posted the question, “Can someone completely cover the book ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To’ to me?”

In a turn of events most satisfying to those of us who always did do the work, there was indeed someone who could cover the book completely. That someone was DC Pierson, the book’s author and a member of the comedy group Derrick. He was “bummed” that the student was choosing not to read the book “not even because you think it’s bad, but just because it seems like work instead of fun.”

He went on to say that he too didn’t always read assigned reading for class, but that the student was missing out because his book has “a ton more sex, swearing and drugs” than the other kinds of books they might be assigned to read for school. He also gave the lazy student a hint by indicating that everything in the book was real. He wrote, “You won’t know what I’m talking about unless you read ‘til the end, though. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell your teacher, ‘The author says he thinks (it) was real but he’s an idiot and I disagree with him and here’s why!’”

After a call-out like that the kid probably should’ve just checked out the Amazon listing that includes a description and a video of the author. Or, he could have really gone crazy and read the book himself.

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