Tis the season for employers to shell out Christmas bonuses. Central New Yorker's have shared with us, the worst bonuses they have ever received.

In the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," Clark Griswold receives a bonus from his employer, which he expects to be a significant cash for all of his hard work and dedication. However, when he finally receives it, he discovers that he was enrolled in the "Jelly of the Month Club."

The humor and irony behind this "bonus" lie in the fact that receiving a subscription to a jelly club is a far cry from what Clark was hoping for. The choice of a jelly subscription as a bonus reflects the theme of corporate insensitivity and the disconnect between employers and employees. The absurdity of the gift adds to the comedy of the movie, but how far from reality is it truly?

In todays world though, let's be honest- It isn't uncommon for employers to intentionally give terrible Christmas bonuses. All over social media we read stories of employees who received unexpected or disappointing gifts. From office supplies or promotional company merchandise as their holiday bonus, companies have given out seemingly impractical gifts.

There have even been reports of employers providing coupons or discounts that have limited value, making the supposed bonus more of a marketing ploy than a genuine expression of gratitude. These instances can leave employees disillusioned and frustrated, as they had hoped for a meaningful acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication throughout the year."

So what about Central New York? We turned to social media to ask what were the worst Christmas bonuses ever received. Here's the top answers:

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Tis the season for employers to shell out Christmas bonuses. Central New Yorker's have shared with us, the worst bonuses they have ever received.

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