Need help making sure your turkey won't dry out? Looking for an easy recipe to make that turkey different this year? The Butterball Turkey Hotline has all your answers for Thanksgiving.

Accidents happen. Maybe you forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer and it's still a little frozen. Maybe you're not sure if you have enough turkey for all your guests. Or maybe you have a little mishap while actually cooking the turkey. What do you do?

Sure, you could ask your mother-in-law, she's always happy to give you advice and tell you what "you should have done." But maybe you want to show her you can handle Thanksgiving dinner (even if you're not sure you can). Don't stress. The Butterball Turkey Hotline has all the help you need, so you can look like a star this Thanksgiving. And no one needs to know that you would've burned the turkey to a crisp, without help.

And there's many ways you can get help from Butterball, it's not just their hotline. You can also text your questions, shoot them an email, or even set up a chat.

You can reach the Butterball Hotline at: 1-800-BUTTERBALL
Hours are:
Nov. 20 & 21 - 7am to 9pm
Nov. 22 - 7am to 10pm
Nov. 23 - 6am to 6pm
Nov. 24 - 8am to 6pm
Nov. 27 - Dec. 22 - 8am to 6pm

So you can even ask them questions about your leftovers, or if you're planning on cooking a turkey for Christmas, too.

You can also send a text, now through December 24, at: 844-877-3456

Or send them an email or set up a chat session, which you can do on their website:

So don't stress about Thanksgiving this year, even if it's your first one. Call the Butterball Hotline ahead of time so you have all the information you need. And if you're a pro at turkey cooking, know that the Butterball Hotline is available just in case something unexpected happens. Hey, we're all human, mistakes happen.

And if you've had a turkey accident in the past, maybe you can help others to not make the same mistake. We would love to hear your turkey horror stories, or any of your Thanksgiving horror stories for that matter. Did you burn the turkey? Did you spend Thanksgiving with your neighbors and some unexpected (or unwanted) guests showed up? We want to hear about it. You can share your Thanksgiving horror stories by sending Naomi Lynn an email:

And we hope you don't need the Butterball Turkey Hotline. We hope nothing goes wrong, and you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.




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