Pills and elixirs can cure many ailments, but when it come to Avril Lavigne's road to recovery after a struggle with Lyme Disease, the singer says her fans have proven to be the most potent cure.

On Good Morning America today, Lavigne shared that she became totally immobile last October, which she called the "worst time in her life." Though she had many esteemed doctors on her side, none could seem to pinpoint what left her bedridden.

"They'd pull up their computers and be like: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or, 'Why don't you try to get out of bed, Avril, and just go play the piano?'" she said through tears.

Ultimately, after taking the initiative to do her own research and find the right specialists, Lavigne was finally correctly diagnosed and began treatment, and now that she's about halfway through, she credits fans—who sent get-well cards and posted supportive videos—with helping her through the toughest moments.

"I watched the videos and did exactly what I'm doing now," she shared. "I cried through the whole thing and, honestly, I felt very loved. It sounds silly saying it, but I really, truly, did feel my fans through the process."

Now, she insists she doesn't take a single day for granted.

"I'm just really grateful to know that I will make a one-hundred percent recovery," she revealed. "For me, it's like a second shot at life. I want to go out there and truly do what I love. I'm so excited for life after this."

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