As heard on the most music morning show during your information update with Kristine Bellino,  a Florida man is in trouble with the law because he went out drinking and left a 10-month-old baby in the custody of his pet pit bull.

James Irvine told a friend, 'I got this, I'll take care of the kid', but couldn't resist the lure of a tall cold one, so he put his pooch in charge. The little girl's mom discovered the "ruff" situation when she returned home from work and found Irvine blitzed and trying to enter the house through a garage door. She went 'bull-listic' for leaving the tot alone, he said there was nothing to worry about, since the pit bull was on the scene. Are you kidding me? Some say pit bulls are simply an inherently a more dangerous dog that could snap for no reason no matter how well trained. And with their jaw configuration they clamp on a cause more damage. Others say, it's the owner and not the dog. If raised right they are harmless, what do you say?