When you read the headline did you think, "I'll bet it was a pit bull." You'd be correct. Sadly, two-year-old Beau Rutledge was mauled and killed by the family's pit bull at home Thursday afternoon (April 25th), according to police. They added that the attack occurred around 1 p.m. when the toddler's mother stepped away to use the bathroom, leaving the child unattended with the family dogs. One can only imagine the horror she returned to.

We've heard Judge Judy say, "If you want to keep that kind of animal around your children, that's your business." Wow, now we know what she's talking about.  Now, we've heard both sides, "It's the owner not the dog" and "It's the dog, not the owner"

According to ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV and the Huffington Post;

First responders arrived at the family's townhouse but soon realized they were too late. Parker told NBC affiliate WXIA that responders were rattled by the gruesome scene inside the house, and that some "were in tears."

According the Journal-Constitution, the family had owned the dog, which animal control identified as a pit bull, for eight years. The dog remained enclosed in the house until 3 p.m., when animal control removed it and transported it to a shelter to "evaluate its health and temperament."

WXIA reports that it is yet unclear if the dog will be euthanized. The station noted that the dog had never shown aggression before.

After the incident it was said that the dog was well cared for, the family could be seen walking the dog in the neighborhood every night, and it always was nice with children.

This only bolsters the argument that this breed has a propensity to attack with very little provocation and that pit bulls with their jaw configuration are far likely to inflict more serious injuries than most other breeds of dog.

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