A hotel in Taiwan is offering a Batman themed hotel room. I'm not sure the Hotel Utica will be doing this anytime soon but if they do......Bam! Pow! Zap!

Would you or your superhero crazed husband ever stay in in a Batman themed hotel room? I for one can attest to having a Superman themed bedroom. I have bright red curtains with an S on them , a bed shaped like his boot, and a dresser full of Kryptonite. I'm totally kidding, but if this were true, would you automatically assume that I've never had a girlfriend or that I'm still living in my mother's basement?

The Eden Motel in Tawain has turned one of it's rooms into a Batcave. The room features a Bat-phone, a Batman themed bed, walls that resemble a creepy cave, and even a Bat-tub to relax in after you've spent your day fighting bad guys.  If you've always wanted to experience Gotham city, this may very well be the place to visit! The room rents for £40 which translates to roughly $52.

Other rooms in this motel have been transformed into movie themed dwellings:

There's a room dedicated to The Mummy, another based on the famous Alcatraz prison and a third building on the popularity of Sherlock Holmes.


Regardless of your thoughts on Batman, this little adventure sure would bring out the little kid in all of us. Do you think your husband would be grateful or upset if you were to purchase a gift like this for him on his birthday or Father's Day?

Click HERE to see a picture of the room.


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