Whoa, hold on there a minute Mr. Amateur Barbecue Chef. I hope you're not just planning on slapping that burger patty on the grill without doing a little prep work first.

If you have people are coming over for a Memorial Day barbecue and looking forward to a great, juicy burger -- make sure they get one.

Here's how:

-Put the ground beef in a bowl and sprinkle evenly with salt.

-Don't overwork the meat. It's not Play-Doh. Gently form the meat into patties.

-This is very important. You want to make a shallow indentation in the center of the patty so the burger doesn't bulge.

-Once the burger is on the grill, cook it on one side until it's browned and then flip it over only once. And whatever you do, do not press down on the burger. Doing this loses all of its juices

Get more tips on how to make the perfect burger including recipes at Yahoo.  Don't like hamburgers?  Try turkey burgers. We've actually switched at our house.  They are much more moist than regular hamburgers and we prefer them.  Check out a great no fail turkey burger recipes and you may switch too.

Happy Memorial Day and happy grilling.

-Jordan Baker

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