Are you ready to shake up Thanksgiving here in Upstate New York? Try to enjoy smoked turkey this year from Syracuse.

Traditionally, roasted turkey takes center stage at the Thanksgiving table. What if you could introduce a smoky twist to this classic dish? The idea of having smoked turkey as a Thanksgiving option in Upstate New York is nothing short of amazing, and will definitely make your dinner party memorable.

We all know that Upstate New York and Central New York is known for its culinary diversity and creativity. Introducing smoked turkey to your Thanksgiving menu allows you to embark on those taste bud quests.

Smoking a turkey is a process that often takes place outdoors, making it a perfect way to embrace the beautiful surroundings, or to escape political discussions from inside. This year, consider adding a smoky twist to your Thanksgiving feast. The best part, you don't even have to cook it.

Limp Lizard Bar and Grill of Syracuse can transform your Thanksgiving feast this year. They are currently selling pit-smoked turkey dinners. The best part, the cost is only $15.99 per person. You get to choose from 2 different sides, and even add additional ones too. Dinners for smoked turkey must be placed by November 21st. You can learn more on their Facebook page.

Need desserts? They can add Big Mama's 4 inch cheesecake, pumpkin, or apple. You can pick up dinner the day before Thanksgiving cold, or hot day of between 10AM - Noon. You can read more and place your orders on Facebook.

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