While out enjoying the last night of summer in Central New York last night, did you happen to see something crazy in the sky? A fireball streaked across the sky and was visible in Canada, Upstate New York and across the Northeast.

According to Syracuse.com, The American Meteor Society website received more than 200 reported sightings.

"This was unlike anything I've seen before," wrote Joshua M., who said on the AMS website that he saw the meteor from Syracuse about 9:40 p.m. "It looked like a shooting star, but on a much closer scale. The front of the fireball was bright green like a traffic light, with a big trail behind it. Very eerie."

Many who saw it described it as truly beautiful and incredible.

It was lit green and trailing sparks. Most incredibly, it looked like it was "wobbling"as it streaked across the sky."

Did you see it? Comment with photos so we can see what it looked like.

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