Becki Reyes of Frankfort spent last Friday evening calling and texting friends and co-workers with her exciting news.  At around 5 o'clock, Becki received a call from Lite 98.7s Chris Johnson.  She was in shock as he was telling her that she was now the owner of a brand new Louis Vuitton designer bag, along with hundreds of dollars in gifts.  Her name had been draw at random from all last week's qualifiers.  Becki had qualified after she had submitted one of the code words at

On Tuesday, Becki came to the Lite 98.7 studios to claim her prize.  As it so happened, her birthday was on Monday, and she said this is the best gift she could have hoped for.  And the bag was filled with "gifts of beauty" as well.  She told us she couldn't wait to show it to her co-workers.

More "Beauty in the Bag" winners are coming.  Next will be a Jimmy Choo bag that will be given away late Friday afternoon.  Listen for the code words each morning at 9:10.  A second chance to qualify each day happens at 2:10 in the afternoon.  Good luck and thanks for listening.


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