Bebe Rexha called out a football player for repeatedly texting her, despite being married with a family.

On Friday, the singer shared text messages between herself and the athlete on her Instagram Story. Rexha, 29, blasted the unnamed man as a cheater, accusing him of wasting her time repeatedly.

"Do you ever have that one guy that always comes in and out of your life," she wrote. "And they are cheaters and waste your time."

In their text message exchange, the man in question referred to the "Meant to Be" singer as a "friend," asking when he would see her in person. Rexha quickly shut down his advances, sending him dates and locations for her upcoming performances.

In another slide on her Story, Rexha took aim at the player.

"You're married and have three kids. Be a good role model and play your sports and leave me the f--- alone," she said.

Rexha continued, "Don't be texting me 'hey friend' especially if you're a married man. Sorry. That s--- don't fly with me."

She then opened the floor to discussion, asking her fans to vote on whether it was appropriate for a married man to text a single woman saying, "Hey friend."

The songstress has never been one to hold back how she feels. She previously opened up to People about what it's like to make friends in the entertainment industry, admitting that genuine connection is rare.

"The industry is hard," she said at the time. "I think everybody only hangs out with you based on levels. That sounds terrible. But people who wouldn't talk to me a year ago, two years ago now want to hang out. I don't like that."

She added, "If you don't want to hang out with me when I'm nobody, then don't talk to me when I'm doing my thing."

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