There's a beer shortage in Utica. An unexpected spike in sales has left a draft drought for Utica Club for the next two weeks.


'While our sales are strong, it's frustrating to get caught short and leave our loyal fans thirsty. We are increasing the number of brews and will be back in stock shortly. In the meantime, we have plenty of UC in bottles and cans," said President Fred Matt.

The draft drought comes at a very inconvenient time, with demand higher during the summer and a number of upcoming local events: Saranac Thursdays, Saranac's Dark Star Orchestra Concert and the Great American Irish Festival, all happening this weekend.

Utica Club was the first beer to be brewed and sold in the U.S. after prohibition. It quickly became a fan favorite and an even more sought after beer with Schultz & Dooley as its beloved spokesmugs.