This Central New York couple decided to get into the Halloween spirit by recreating the "Day-O" dance from the movie Beetlejuice.

It was some spooky, good fun at a Central New York wedding reception over the weekend. Nick and Alison of Auburn, New York got married - But instead of taking the traditional route of flash-mobs or bride-and-groom choreographed dances, they decided to do something pretty unique (something that will be remembered for years to come).

As the best man tries to give his speech at the wedding reception, he is interrupted by music - Harry Belafonte's "The Banana Boat Song" or as most people know it (from its lyrics) "Day-O." The song is featured in the movie "Beetlejuice," a scene where Delia Deetz (played by Catherine O'Hara) is possessed and starts singing that song. The bride took to this role and started lip-syncing the words. Her husband jumps in, and so does the wedding party - All lip-syncing and moving to the song, just like the scene in the movie.

It had the rest of the wedding guests jumping in, laughing, and impressed with this very unique flash-mob idea.

Now, Nick and Alison are no stranger to Beetlejuice. According to it's Alison's favorite movie. They even dressed up as characters from the movie for Halloween. Alison dressed as Geena Davis' character - when she stretches her face out (and her eyes are in her mouth), as they try to be "scary" and get rid of the new people that have moved into their home. Nick took to Alec Baldwin's character in the same scene, with a stretched face and eyes on his fingertips.

See their video (at the top of this page) and watch the bride, groom, and wedding party perform "Day-O." We're sure you'll love their unique and creative idea.




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