Dick Van Dyke celebrated his 90th birthday in style.

The seemingly ageless actor is known for 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' 'Diagnosis Murder' and of course as everyone's favorite chimney sweep Bert in 'Mary Poppins' turned 90 on December 13.

The crowd at Van Dyke's birthday bash surprised him with a song and dance medley of his routines from 'Mary Poppins.'

What's even better is that afterwards, Van Dyke joined the flash mob and led them in a 'Mary Poppins' themed sing-along of his own!

That isn't the only example of Van Dyke showing off his youthfulness either, his wife Arlene likes to post videos on Vine of her husband enjoying life.

You can follow all of Dick Van Dyke's adventures on Twitter @iammrvandy

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