A fan favorite New Hartford restaurant that closed in 2022, may be making a comeback in 2023. The location is only a few minutes from the former spot.

Back in January of 2022, we reported that Bella Cucina would be closing it's doors on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. The restaurant did close their doors in March.

Fans of the restaurant shared their thoughts in the comment section of the announcement post on Facebook:

Renee Perrone-Hartnett: "Amazing restaurant run by amazing people! Best of luck on your next journey!"

Joe Toti: "We were just there last week! Very sad to see you go."

Mary Smith: "Thank you for all the memories!!! You are a part of so many. Health, happiness and a long life to both of you. God speed."

Tony and Chris Lupino launched the restaurant back in 1998. It was always extremely popular for date nights, and just a night out with friends and family.

Since we opened our doors in 1998, Bella Cucina has always prided itself in taking these old-world family recipes and giving them a touch of modern flair to create delicious, authentic Italian dishes to serve you.""

Is Bella Cucina Coming Back To Central New York?

While driving in Clark Mills, we spotted this sign and construction at the site of the former Frosty's:

Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM

At the corner of Clark Mills Road, and Westmoreland Road, it appears the restaurant will see new light. We reached out for comment on Facebook, and have placed a call, but haven't heard anything back yet. Once we do, we will update this article.

It appears construction is in full swing, so maybe we will get a taste of our favorite restaurant once again.

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