Ah, to be young and famous. While there's a few downsides to celebrity life — like the feeling that you're living under a microscope, for one — there are SO many enviable aspects. There's certainly worse things than doing what you love, often making bank doing it and getting to hang out with your fellow super-attractive Hollywood cohorts.

But here's the question we're here to answer: Which young stars deserve to be the true king and queen to rule them all?

We kick things off with a very tough call in Round 1: You'll have to choose between Bella Thorne and Pia Mia. Bella's a strawberry-blonde beauty who, at the tender age of 17, has parlayed her early modeling career into an expanding body of film, TV and musical work. From Shake It Up to The DUFF, Ms. Thorne's a delight onscreen and she's got big projects on the way too, like the thriller Big Sky with Kyra Sedgwick. Oh, and she also dates the gorgeous Gregg Sulkin and she's friends with Teen Wolf hottie Tyler Posey. Basically, the Hollywood world is her oyster right now.

Then there's the stunning, golden-voiced Pia Mia. The singer and model has come a long way since she left her native Guam to conquer the music world, and she's already made serious headway. Her cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" attracted fans in droves (among them, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) and her "Do It Again" collab with Chris Brown and Tyga has spent five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. And not every rising pop princess can boast about working with Justin Bieber.

They're two very strong candidates, and your choice will ultimately boil down to which one is your #1 favorite. You have until August 24 at 5 PM to vote for your favorite. Go, go, go! And if you haven't yet, vote in the rest of the Queens of Young Hollywood polls now.

Queen of Young Hollywood Round One

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