As if it wasn’t enough to have Jon Hamm and silver fox John Slattery steaming up ‘Mad Men,’ AMC brought on Ben Feldman, ‘Drop Dead Diva’s’ slice of heaven, for season five.

This guy is mainly known for playing that adorable guardian angel on the Lifetime original series, but he now has a lot of time on his hands thanks to the show’s hiatus.

At first we thought we had seen the last of Feldman, what with the news of Carter MacIntyre from ‘Undercovers’ coming on ‘Drop Dead Diva’ as a potential replacement. But we were quickly put at ease when the announcement came of Kim Kardashian’s future role as Feldman’s love interest. Frankly, though, we think this guy is too cute for the reality TV star.

And now, he’s on ‘Mad Men,’ which automatically boosts his hunk status. Who knows, maybe he’ll stay on the AMC series and keep giving us that sexy ’60s-era look week after week. One can hope.