Calling all thrift-shoppers and deal-seekers... If you're looking for the best place to "hunt," you have to make your way to this place in Ithaca.

Whether you've lived in New York your entire life or you've only been here for a few years, you KNOW there are some great thrift stores, flea markets, and places of the sort all over this state. And you KNOW about some of the great deals and hidden treasures you can find. Even if you don't plan on buying anything and you just want to look around, it's pretty cool to see a lot of the antiques and such that people have held onto for so long.

Well, the good folks at Only in Your State have named their favorite thrift store in New York... A "must-visit" place. According to Only In Your State, they're talking about "Found in Ithaca," a HUGE thrift store with antiques, collectibles, and other goodies. With over 40 dealers inside this one place, you're sure to find something for everyone. Only in Your State says this place was once a factory, now the 7,000 square feet area is filled with a variety of items for those looking for great deals.

Now Ithaca is a little bit of a drive from the Utica area... We're talking about 2-and-a-half hours (unless you take the thruway, then it's more like 2 hours). But if you're up for the drive and want to do some "treasure hunting," You can find this place at 227 Cherry Street.


If you don't feel like traveling that far to look at some antiques and collectibles, you can always check out "Back of the Barn Antiques" in Remsen. This place has some really, REALLY cool finds, and lots of goodies to search through. We found a whole section on old books, that was really interesting. From antique tools and dolls to collectibles, this place is definitely worth the visit, and it's right here in Central New York.

Whether you choose to head to Ithaca or Remsen (or one of the many other antique and collectible dealers throughout our state), you're sure to find some one-of-a-kind treasures. Happy hunting!




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